[ENG] ASG Evo 3 Scorpion Carbine

(This gun was loaned to me for this review by Team ASG.)

All people have opinions. We have opinions about food, about the clothes other people wear, how people behave and also for some reason a lot of opinions about World Leaders. Others like myself choose to yell them out in random directions. From such humble beginnings, Reddit was born.

It was however not enough that the direction was random – the message would be far too easily lost – so topics of discussion was invented and for this reason, I shall speak once again of the close cousin of /r/Airsoft – namely the Rainbow Six Subreddit and an opinion held upon that forum. Said opinion in its essence can be summarized that people who played Ela only did so because her gun was so ridiculously overpowered. For this reason, it was argued that the offending Operator and her weapon needed to be hit with the Epic Banhammer of Craig or maybe if you please just slightly nerfed.

The attention given to the gun however made one particular office in Denmark very pleased indeed. That office belonged to ActionSportGames and they alongside česká zbrojovka (Or CZ for non-Czechs) made the Evo 3 Scorpion Carbine for Airsoft use.

Now, if you see the pictures and think ”hey, I though the Evo 3 Scorpion was shorter”, yes. You are correct. The Carbine version is based upon the civilian sporting weapon and not the military submachinegun. As an added bonus, the Carbine version is also available with a built-in suppressor. In Airsoft terms, it makes little difference save for handling, looks and what version you prefer is really up for preference.

Despite the fact that the Carbine is the same length as my M27 or G36K, it is barely noticeable when you pick it up. It is not as thick nor heavy as any weapons of matching length but it still feels surprisingly sturdy. Some preconceptions still exist about guns made in composite but there is no need to apply any of them to this weapon – it will hold up well enough and it will certainly not creek like some cheaper plastic appliances. To add to the good feeling, the weapons finish is also very well done and not prone to any scratches. Holding the weapon is supremely comfortable, especially thanks to the M-lok system on the handguard that makes sure there are no sharp rail edges on the gun.

To cap it all, the gun also have trademarks similar to the real deal. They serve no practical purpose but to look cool and that makes all the difference in the world.

The Gun is very considerate of your playing style and preferences. The fire selector that does its job well enough can be set for either safe, semi, burst or automatic. It means that regardless if you want an oversized Close Quarters Pistol Caliber Carbine or a Marksmanship Platform, the gun comes prepared to suit your needs regardless how much plastic you wish to throw at the enemy.

One neat feature on the real weapon is that the charging handle can be adjusted depending on what side you would like to have it on. Changing the position of the handle is the easiest thing in the world, even if the alteration is strictly cosmetic. Still, if you are a left-handed shooter you may want the gun to reflect that and it’s pretty cool the weapon allows you to.

The Iron Sights (or should I say Plastic Composite Sights?) included can be mounted and removed, preferably the latter since they are only good for close up work anyway. The rail underneath will fit whatever optic that can be mounted on a rail. I should note that this is not a gun where you snap on a sniper scope – a red dot or an optic with up to 4x magnification will work best with this thing.

The Stock follows the Guns theme of choice and ergonomics fairly well. It can be folded if you so choose but this is something best left for transportation due to the awkwardness of handling a long folded weapon. Instead, the stocks length can be adjusted to accommodate your preferences. Once thusly adjusted, it stays there – a welcome change from less capable stocks. The Stock itself can also be changed with a AR-15 Stock Adapter but I honestly do not see why you would want to unless you intend to try to submit this thing to Airsoft Heretics.

The Handguard is another good part of this gun. It is covered with M-Lok Points and aside from looking cool, it also provides the gun with a lot of options for the position of fookin laser sights, lamps or foregrips – or you could just put M-Lok Covers on the entire thing. Its entirely your choice and that is never a bad thing. Running the gun ”clean” is however just as viable as running it with a lot of stuff on.

The barrel is disappointing to say the least. The barrel and handguard included looks nice but for some reason, a 14mm thread does not come standard. Instead, the only way to actually get one is with an adapter and I cannot for the life of me understand why they built it that way. A good thing is however that it is very easy to change the barrel if you wish to change between the standard one and the built-in suppressor version.

The problem – and the major theme of the gun overall – is that all the consideration is built in. Should you feel the necessity to alter something further than what the gun allows, there is little to no chance to make personal adjustments or change out any major parts.

As I have stated, the major theme of the gun is allowing to do much but only within its own and ASGs own limitations. The only saving grace with this approach is that many of the ASG optional parts are reasonably priced. This goes for replacement parts too that are readily available.

It is obvious that ActionSportGames made sure that ”Made in Denmark” was not something that would be mocked. While I would prefer this meant the gun would be modular as LEGO, my hopes on that score was not fulfilled. That said, they had to mimic the capabilities of the real CZ Gun and in doing that ASG created a very competent weapon indeed.

In conclusion, this is a great gun if you know what you want. If you like the looks as they are and are looking for a versatile gun that can handle many different situation with the change of a spring, this one will not cause any buyers remorse, especially not with the excellent burst fire, the accuracy and the very easy operation. If you are looking for something that will not look like all the other similar guns out there, this one will take more effort into making something that is truly your own.