[ENG] ASG Tac 6

(The gun was provided to me at a reduced price by a private seller in return for this review.)

Oh, ActionSportGames; As of late, you have been a rising star on the scene of Airsoft. Blaster Tours, the Scorpion EVO, The 305 Bren and more of that have earned you a spot few might have considered you for a few years back.While I had not tried neither 305 Bren nor Scorpion EVO in detail, it is safe to say the Danes in this case have done some good work on the Czech Guns. So as the Swede I am, it is time to have a very close look at what can only be described as a embarrassment to the nation of Denmark.

Enter the ASG Tac 6. I spotted it at an Airsoft Flea Market, new and sealed in box. The price requested for it was decent but being a reviewer has it perks. I ended up walking away with it for a fraction of the asking price if I promised I would make a completely serious and deep-end review of it. Easiest deal I ever made.

The Tac 6 is one of two guns in the Tac Series, the other one being Tac45. The digits at the end have only one purpose and that is to tell you what kind of ammunition is used in the gun. The 45 is a proper air gun and use the 4.5mm steel ammunition; The Tac6 use 6mm plastic. They seem to be mainly aimed at beginners or in the airguns case Target Shooters, tempting them with a cheap, versatile and powerful sniper rifle just out of the box. Our goal today is to see if that description is true.

The gun is just one solid mold of plastic and if you think ”plastic fantastic”, you would be wrong; while the quality is not bad, it is not impressive either. The finish is somewhat better and gives a decent impression of a matt gun colour but I do not give out bonus points for barely passing the grade in my reviews.

Shouldering the gun is one of the few good experiences you will have with this weapon as the ergonomics are not bad at all. The Stock feels pretty decent up against the shoulder and the plastic rail means you do not need rail covers. Complete with a foregrip, the overall design actually works, sadly this is insufficient to compensate for all the rest. This impression is reinforced by the sheer lack of weight to this weapon. It makes it very easy to carry around but it comes at the cost of risking damage to this weapon from sources that would usually not trouble an airsoft weapon. In short, rather sooner than later something will happen that will break this gun.

What really perplexes me is however how ASG managed to come up with this design only to completely fail when it comes to slings. There is no sling mounts anywhere on this weapon and most likely this is because ASG thinks nobody would ever want to use anything else after trying the Tac6. Since a sidearm is necessary if you bring this thing to a field, the lack of a sling mount is frankly inexcusable. If a Well UZI for 50€ or a CYMA Shotgun for 30€ have a sling mount, this gun should have one as well.

The entire forefront of this gun contains a top and bottom rail; both works for attaching items. Alongside the gun, you will get polymer sights that I frankly found no use for as well as a bipod. While it is nice that ASG sends along these kind of items, I admit have a hard time finding any use for either and have removed both from this weapon. When it comes to attaching stuff to the rails, I have been careful not to attach anything too heavy afraid the rail will not be up to the task.

Add to the fact that any attachments to this gun makes it look eligible to be sent to the Airsoft Heretics Facebook Group – nothing I tried so far actually looks like it belongs on the gun. The top rail can be dismounted if you so wish but there is no reason to unless you wish to give the gun another colour.

The Gun also have a built in position for a laser scope, a questionable decision to say the least. The gun is advertised as a long range rifle and if you shoot in daylight on longer ranges, a laser is not going to help your aiming in the slightest. The only reason for it to be there is as far as I can determine because ASG thought that is what the people looking at this gun would want.

Something that also does not help with your aiming in the slightest is the short inner barrel. You can see for it yourself in the lower picture – that is all the inner barrel you are going to get with an almost absurd long outer barrel. To add to the fun, you can change the barrel if you wish but there is no short barrel available. Instead, you can buy one with a pre-mounted suppressor.

The outer barrel included with the gun have no threads and the flash hider is simply glued on. There is no excuse for this, this is just poor design and not even the fact that the suppressor barrel is cheaper than most suppressors makes me less mad at this. In short, the outer barrel is simply ugly and useless. You can cut it off if you like but why would you even get this gun?

Now, you might be wondering what this gun is powered by. I wish I could say it was an AEG because that would at least redeem it somewhat in my eyes. Regardless how poor, you can usually do something worthwhile with an AEG, even if it is for the lulz. But no. This thing is essentially a poor quality CO2 powered Non-Blowback pistol put in a rifle stock. One thing that shows is the Magazine.

The CO2 is not in the magazine, instead it can be found in the Pistol Grip of the weapon. This means you have to settle for the horribly unrealistic stick type magazines that will scramble all around your magazine pouches. While this also increases your ability to carry more of them, I would have greatly preferred for the CO2 to be in the magazine so you could at least pretend this was a decent pistol carbine.

You will have fifteen rounds per magazine meaning you better have reloads steadily available – the mags are cheap but that may be because the stores simply looks for people to unload them on. What you also however need to change is the CO2 Canister and here, absolutely no improvements have been made to make the change of Canister easier. This means that you can find yourself out of CO2 in an airsoft game and have to to either switch to sidearm or go through the entire procedure of changing in the field.

I speak from experience when I say I do not recommend that – See the youtube link in the credits.

Now, every single flaw above could be excused or ignored if this gun actually performed satisfactory. A gun that performs satisfactory can always be used as a troll gun or decorated for less serious occasions. While this gun did okey on the range, the lack of a hop up unit really showed. While later models come with a hop up, it cannot be adjusted. While there is a rumour that changing the hop up to a good one may make this weapon good enough, I highly doubt it.

The guns main problem is that the range is insufficient while the output from the CO2 brings the muzzle velocity to a level that some fields simply will not allow or put a safety limit on. In general, you can only engage targets at maximum range without the hop up or I am not allowed to fire on any on my local fields. Calling this gun ”unplayable” is no exaggeration.

There is a reason I test my stuff in the field. Anybody can shoot stuff on the range, record the result under controlled conditions and then go home to write about it. Trying to ignore the looks from my fellow players, I unpacked this gun on the field and strapped with this gun and a shotgun for a sidearm. I moved up to cover the objective alongside my team, spotted an enemy in my sights and prepared to fire.

As I did, nothing happened. At first, I thought the CO2 canister was simply empty so I took cover and begun to change it – I do not recommend that in the field – but I had brought extra ones. Switching to a new one did not help. Somewhere, the seal had broken meaning the flow of CO2 was not regulated by the gun itself, venting the Carbon dioxide into the air around me instead of using it to shoot a pellet at my foes. In a mixture of cursing and laughing, I went back to the safe zone but there was nothing I could do to fix it in the field. Instead, a friend loaned me his PTW for the remainder of the day.

After a game like that, there was only one thing to do. I tested if I could hit anything at all with it and threw the gun. Aside from the barrel breaking on impact, I got mocked for not being able to throw it longer than I did. So I packed it up and went home. There, I started work at once.

I have a great tradition in painting guns pink; some may think it is my attempt at humiliating this gun. Nothing could be further from the truth, this was my attempt to try and make it look better. I painted the gun body in Montana Gold Strawberry Pink, cut down the barrel and spray painted it Chrome and added white details on buttstock, magazines and upper rail – lower rail could not be detached.
My rejected idea was to simply spray paint the gun in the colours of the Danish Flag with the text ”Made in Denmark” on the stock but not even a Swede can be that cruel to the Danish People. I have no idea what to do with it now. It just takes up closet space.

The rather sad thing about this gun is that had they simply made it run on green gas or electricity and then cut it down by about half, it could have been a decent pistol carbine. The ergonomics are solid and the low weight would be a boon in close quarters. However, as it goes that is the only things it has going for it at the moment.

In short, if you do not own this gun there is no reason for you to want it. If you want a decent sniper rifle, there are a lot of better options from the selection of budget AEGs, if you want an airsoft gun to shoot at your farm or summer cottage, pretty much any of the spring bolt-action ones will give you a more fun experience. This weapon is not to be bought under any conditions and avoided at all costs. I consider it one of the worst airsoft guns ever made and considering the amount of guns that have passed through my hands, that is some kind of award in itself.